Exterior Cement Stucco

Your Top Choice for Exterior Cement Services

Your Top Choice for Exterior Cement Services

We've offered stucco installations for over 60 years in Bayonne & Jersey City, NJ

Stucco is a cement-based siding that has been a popular exterior finish for over 100 years. In fact, many buildings constructed in the 1920s still have their original stucco finish. If you're interested in a stucco installation, rely on Valle Construction Company Pro LLC. We've been working with exterior cement stucco for over six decades in the Bayonne and Jersey City, NJ areas.

We offer free estimates on our stucco installation services. Want to learn how much you could save? Call today to schedule an appointment.

Why should you consider stucco siding?

Exterior cement stucco has a wide range of benefits that continues to make it a popular choice over far more modern siding options. Schedule a stucco installation to take advantage of:

  • Endless color and texture combinations
  • Extreme fire and moisture resistance
  • Superior durability and longevity

Stucco siding can last over 100 years with minimal maintenance. You can turn to us for both new installations and stucco replacement services.