EIFS Installation and Repair

Shield Your Property From the Elements

Shield Your Property From the Elements

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Insulation on the inside of your walls can help keep your energy costs low, but did you know most exterior finishes offer no additional protection whatsoever? An EIFS, or exterior insulation finishing system, is the only exterior wall finish that also insulates your building. If you're interested in an EIFS installation in the Bayonne or Jersey City, NJ  area, contact Valle Construction Company Pro LLC.

Our owner has been installing exterior insulation finishing systems for over 35 years. No other contractors in the area can bring the same level of experience to the job.

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Cut down on your monthly energy costs

EIFS is an acrylic-based system applied over an insulation panel. As opposed to other common exterior finishes like stucco, EIFS is the only exterior finish that has an R-value on its own. Some other great benefits of this exterior finish include:

  • Superior weather and pest protection
  • Lower overall costs compared to stucco
  • Virtually unlimited color, texture and decorative choices


We can match any architectural style to enhance your property's curb appeal. Speak with us today to go over all of your design options.